Sound Card And Signal

3D MP3 Sound Recorder G2
Allows you to record the real-time audio stream from the sound card.
Informatique Tongsoft, Inc
Virtins Sound Card MultiInstrument
Sound card oscilloscope,spectrum analyzer,signal generator,multimeter,counter.
Virtins Technology
Voice Shaper
Speech pre-processor for SSB transceivers.
Afreet Software, Inc

Sound Card and Signal

Virtins Sound Card Oscilloscope
Sound card based real time oscilloscope with sophisticated triggering method.
Virtins Technology
Virtins Sound Card Signal Generator
Signal generator and offline oscillosocpe with arbitrary wave form generation.
Virtins Technology
WiNRADiO Virtual Sound Card
You can transfer audio signal streams from WiNRADiO receivers to other apps.
WiNRADiO Communications
TFD Scope
You can graph any signal read from the input of the sound card in real time.
ForexMars Signal
ForexMars Signal
Audio Signal Generator
Uses your PC sound card to create audio frequencies in the range 100 to 15000 Hz.
Steve Scanlon
Enhanced Sound Card Driver
Asymetrix Corp.
Signal-COM JCP
PWM Generator
The PWM signal is put out from the computer sound card.
Timo Esser
UM Multi Sound Card Audio Play ActiveX Control
It can play mutli audio stream.

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Sound Card and Signal

RoMac Sound Card Manager
It allows you you set up each of your apps that use a sound card.
RoMac Software
Free RDS Decoder for Windows with Plugin support.
Jan Kolar
Pira CZ Silence Detector
It guards presence of audio signal on recording line of PC sound card.
Sonic Charge Permut8
Permut8 embraces the sounds of primitive signal processing hardware.
NuEdge Development
Sound Card Drivers Download Utility
Install drivers on your PC.
LionSea SoftWare
2N NetSpeaker Virtual Sound Card
TSA Spectrum Analyzer
It is a program designed for the TSAxGx USB mini spectrum analyzer device.
Triarchy Technologies Corp.
Real-time analysis of audio signals coming through sound cards.
Fountain Computer Products
SpectraPLUS-RT provides real time spectral analysis with Narrowband.
Pioneer Hill Software LLC
Sound Video Contractor - September - Signal Distribution Supplement
Nxtbook Media, LLC